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We are presenting our new edition of our Catalog.

There were many activities and developments in the last two years as constant efforts are being made to forge ahead and meet the new challenges. World is moving into computer age fast, and we may find robots controlling the business in not too distant future. Salute to human genius. We wish it also brings peace in the world.

ATE and its family companies have around 70 persons serving. We are constantly expanding our production base adding new machines and technology i.e. Engraving Machine- Pipe Bending Machine- Heavy Duty Power Press- Pad Printing eliminating traditional stickers to give a better look to our product. Our family company is now making all Plastic goods and components for us. Variety of High Class Plastic Plates for Discus are produced to our specifications. KRISHNA POONIA and her Husband Coach have been a Good Guide to us over the Last 10 Years. It helped us update our Discus in quality and production. We aim to make ATE the most favored Discus.

Shots and Hammers are engraved which are preferred by several clients. We plan to further improve engraving of Shots and Hammers. No doubt , ATE implements and equipment is the most preferred in International and National events.

New High Quality IAAF Certified ATE Javelins were successfully introduced and it is a big help to Indian Javelin throwers making Javelin Throw a popular sport in India. It has resulted in a World Javelin Champion from India. Over 50 year experience of our Managing Director Adarsh Anand is put to full use and we look forward to better future.

Thanks to Athletes and coaches for their constant patronage.

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