Mr. Bal Raj Anand started a Track and Field Manufacturing company in 1950. At the time Discus was an obsession with the company, a tradition which is still alive. Mr. Adarsh Anand joined his father Mr Bal Raj Anand in 1961. Anand Track & Field under the Brand name ATE is Situated in Meerut, a town in India, and has a suitable advantage as Meerut is widely regarded as the sports center of India. Anand Track was established with a singular goal in mind and that is to provide the best in quality when it comes to athletics. The firm consists of employees with over 60 years of experience in the field. Our Director, Mr. Adarsh Anand, played a key role in the catapulting the development and innovation when it comes to the discus. Beside him is his son, Mr. Himanshu Anand, who has made considerable strides in the development and enhancement of the products so as to provide the athletes with the best tools and equipment available across the globe.

Anand Track is synonymous with quality and it has been the primary motive since the inception of the firm. We pride ourselves with a range of top of the line discus, shotput, hammers with over 100 employees permanently employed under our belt to make sure that every product that comes out of our factory is not an equipment but a piece of art. With rigorous quality checks in place at scheduled intervals, we have the capability to maximize production efficiency as well as retaining the quality we so deeply value.

Our team of engineers along with our marketing team boast a combined experience in the field of sports and athletics. The introduction of state of the art manufacturing techniques such as CNC Machines, high speed lathes, TIG welding machines, hydraulic presses, in-house plastic moulding consisting of injection moulding, blow moulding, an in-house paint etc. We have made our mark in the field of exports in more than 80 countries worldwide. We have a network of Distributors and re-sellers across the globe. Along with athletics equipment, we also manufacture training and agility equipment, weight lifting equipments, weight lifting platforms, basketball rings, a range of sports and athletics shoes and is the official supplier of Nemeth and Nordic Javelins in India.

Our trademark discus “Indra” won the 2010 Commonwealth Gold medal along with the 2019 IAAF World Athletics Championship women’s Gold. We have made long strides in the field of throwing implements with the introduction of our Tungsten Hammer “Fuego” in 2019 which has become the go to hammer for the world champions. Over the past many years, ATE has been involved in following major championships over the years, few named as under :-

Olympic games, Tokyo, Japan 2020, World Athletic Championship, Doha, Qatar 2019, Commonwealth Games, Australia 2018, Asian Games Jakarta, Indonesia 2018, World Athletic Championship, London 2017, Olympic Games, Brazil 2016, Asian Athletic Championship, China and Asian Athletic Championship, Bahrain 2015, Commonwealth Games, Scotland 2014, Asian games, Korea 2014, World Athletic Championship, Russia 2013, Olympic Games, London, United Kingdom 2012, Asian Athletic Championship, Kobe, Japan 2011, Commonwealth Games, New Delhi 2010, World Athletic Championship, Korea 2010, 12th IAAF World Championship in Athletics, Berlin, Germany 2009, Asian Athletic Championship, Guangzhou, China 2009, Beijing Olympics 2008, World University Games, Bangkok 2007, Commonwealth Games, Melbourne 2006, Asian Games, Doha 2006, Pan am Games 2005.

Being the only brand from Asia who have won a medal in every major games since the inception of our firm, we hope it serves as a testament of our commitment towards our products as well as the entire athletics community.

ATE is also one of the main suppliers for the 2020 Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo, Japan with our discus, shotput and hammers being highly requested by the best players in the world. ATE has also won many Export Excellence awards over the years. We pride ourselves over our quality and the promise that each piece of equipment produced in our firm will act as an extension of the world championship itself.

We are very grateful to the coaches and top Athletes world over for their valuable suggestions and inputs whuch have helped us immensely over these years to improve constantly.

Innovation is constant at ATE and our aim is to improve all the time and introduce new products of the finest quality. ATE Equipments are IAAF certified and are being used by all the top throwers in all National and international championships.