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Weight lifting Platform Training (2.5m x 3m x 25mm)

The ATE weightlifting platform training has a measurement of 3 m x 2.5 m. 25 mm thick, high impact rubber tiles with plywood sheet ensures durability during weight training. The deck is durably constructed with 3 layered waterproof Birch ply which makes a sturdy base & also application of PU coat over the surface of ply enhances the visual appeal and life of the platform. The heavy-duty rubber mats complete the platform with an exceptionally durable, odor-free lifting zone. Simply this platform achieves the desired aspect of creating a joyful and inviting deadlifting area with eliminating the risk for breaking of your floor.





  • Wooden Deck: The hardwood deck is made of 13 layers of birch veneer, with each layer’s grain running at right angles to the next, making the deck stronger and more solid due to its dense construction. It is treated with the WBP test, which eliminates the risk of delamination. To protect it from termites and bugs, it is chemically treated with specific preservatives


  • Virgin Rubber Mat: The Virgin Rubber Mat is made of natural rubber and provides better shock and vibration absorption while reducing wear and tear on your equipment. It has little bouncing potential for drops / bangs during your lifts, which reduces the chance of accidents and muffles the sound of a fully loaded barbell being dropped. There is no unpleasant tire-like odour with virgin rubber, which is common with low-grade recycled rubber floors.

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  • Steel Frame: This sturdy frame is made of 11-gauge heavy-duty oval steel pipe which is a unique design and can easily endure normal wear and tear due to its all-steel design. In addition, it is black powder-coated for further durability. Because of its bolt-together construction and gusseted corners, putting this frame together is a breeze.