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Competition Colour Plates 2.0

The ATE competition plates are as IWF standard 450 mm in diameter. The construction of the ATE Competition Rubber Plates makes our plates high performance & durable which contains scratch resistant rubber & rust resistant Zinc Plated Steel Disc Insert with Zinc-plated Steel bolts to attach the steel center disc to the rubber itself. Specially designed grip for effortless loading and unloading. Raised lettering for a clean bold look. Manufactured at the ATE factory, India.


ATE bumper plates

ATE bumper plates

ATE bumper plates

ATE bumper plates


1) Lower bounce when dropping: The ATE Competition Plates have a Shore A Durometer rating of 94, which provides an even bounce impact absorbing even on heavy drops, resulting in less force being applied to the barbell. The low bounce protects the barbell as well the plates from damage during drops and helps increase the equipment working life. The low bounce also means more predictable barbell behaviour when dropped which allows you to workout safely in small spaces or with others.


2) Natural Rubber: Our Natural Rubber Material Composition is a feature that distinguishes our Competition Bumper Plates from the competition. It is designed to give extraordinary qualities such as bounce impact absrob, great finish, and high durability.


3) Calibrated Weight & Zinc-plated Steel Disc Insert: Weight calibration means that plates are accurate to within +0.2% and -0.5%, as mentioned in the IWF specifications. The ATE Competition Bumper Plates include a zinc-plated steel disc insert, which is made up of two halves that are bolted together with zinc-plated steel bolts to protect the rubber from impacts. These steel discs are also designed to concentrate the weight at the center of the plate which reduces the thickness of the plates.


4) Thin Profile: Weightlifting athletes prefer the ATE Competition plates due to the fact that the ATE Competition plates helps them to out more weight on the barbell due to the thinner profile. The Standard Bumper Plates can  be loaded with around 200kg Plates on a Standard Olympic Bar whereas ATE Competition Plates can be loaded with 320kg due to its thinner profile which means that you can perform greater capacity lifts to increase your PR. The ATE Competition Plates can be used for deadlifting as well and saves you money until you have the strength to lift more than 280kgs.


5) Raised Flanges: The raised side flanges are designed to keep the centre zinc-plated steel insert from coming into direct contact with the ground. The plates only come into contact with each other on the outer flanges when loaded on the barbell or on the ATE plate stand, reducing wear and tear and helping to protect the plate’s quality.


6) Improved Finish on the plates: These Bumper Plates have a gloss finish that delivers a more premium look and is easier to clean. Camera ready! The white ATE logo looks sharp and noticeable even when seen from a distance. These plates are essential for any serious weightlifter doing Olympic lifts, as well as  home gyms, Cross Fit boxes, and commercial gyms.


7) Warranty Information: The ATE Competition plates are covered by a 12-month limited manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects. This warranty does not include wear and tear.


Note: Rubber that is too hard has more noise, low bounce and the rubber can crack at the seams due to low quality rubber.

Remember: Plates with a durometer rating ranging from 85-95 is an ideal choice for weightlifting.