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Gold Discus

Our signature discus, the Gold is one of the best Discus in the world. The outer rim is made of Brass and each rim is designed for perfect weight distribution. Brass rim combination with white side plates create an unmatched golden look. Gold discus is the most suitable Discus for highly technically accomplished throwers.

World Athletics Certified

World Athletics Certified.

Discus bag included.



[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The ATE Gold discus is suitable for professional and advance level throwers who want to increase their throwing range and has been used by top athletes and players across the world. It has 87% rim weight which is suitable for elite championships and is accompanied by the Indra discus and our Supra XX in our Premium line. The Gold has won many competitions and has been used to win the gold medal at the Olympics, European Games etc.

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Women’s Discus Throw

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Alex Heid

Swiss Discus Champion

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Ola Stunes Isene

Norwegian Discus Champion

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Fernanda Borges

Brazilian Discus Champion


700 2200 2.00K I-05-0324
700 2175


700 2161 1.61K
700 2150 1.50K I-09-0431
700 2100 1.00K I-05-0323