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Olympic Barbell Weightlifting 15kg (Women’s)

The ATE Weightlifting competition olympic barbell is made from a special steel alloy. It comprises of the ATE unique bearing system with 8HK Needle Bearings.

  • Strength rating at 200,000 PSI
  • Weight – 15 kg
  • Grip – 25 mm
  • Sleeve diameter – 50mm
  • Length – 2.01 meters
  • 1.2mm Diamond Knurl
  • Single IWF Knurl Mark
  • Good Whip

*Tested using ATE Competition Coloured Plates with the ATE Weightlifting Training Platform as the testing surface. Warranty only applicable if used with authentic ATE products.


ATE Weightlifting



  • Increased Strength & Superior Finish:

When compared to black oxide, hard chrome is more resistant to oxidation. The ATE Olympic Barbell 15KG has a hard chromed shaft and sleeves. The bar is 15KG, 2010 mm long, with a 25 mm shaft diameter, good whip, and snap ring construction. It has a 200K PSI Tensile Strength rating and a Max Load of 2000 LBS, which allows you to train harder and push your limits.

ATE Olympic Weightlifting Barbell


  • Standard Olympic Knurling :

The 1.2 mm diamond knurl, a standard knurl allows for a comfortable grip. The knurling is not harsh so as to hurt your hands. The bar has IWF 5 knurl marks, with no center knurl.

ATE Olympic Weightlifting Barbell

  • Superior quality Bearings :

The ATE Olympic Barbell 15KG has 8HK needle bearings (4 per sleeve) and 2 bronze bushings which results in a smooth spin making it suitable for workouts that include Olympic exercises like snatch, clean, and jerk, as well as deadlifts, squats, and bench press. Bearings are manufactured using high quality needle rollers (Made in Germany) that rotate inside the sleeve for a smooth spin.

Needle Bearings

  • Warranty Information:

The ATE Olympic Barbell 15KG comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects and a lifetime warranty against bending.

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1.2mm standard knurl

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Precision CNC Turned

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Grooved Sleeves

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IWF 5 Knurl Mark