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The ATE Challenger Rubber Bumper Plates  has low bounce and great impact absorbing due its construction from  high-quality Natural Rubber. The ATE Challenger Rubber plates are manufactured with IWF Standard specification, i.e. 450mm in diameter & 50.4mm collar opening with brass ring insert which helps in effortless changing of the plates & keeps your plates firmly in place even during intense training. The design includes a thicker raised flanges around the edge that helps to firmly grip the plates. The thin design of the plates enables you to load more plates on the barbell. Colour codes as per IWF rules.


ATE bumper plates

ATE bumper plates

ATE bumper plates

ATE bumper plates

ATE bumper plates

ATE bumper plates


1) Thin profile: The ATE Challenger Rubber Bumper Plates have a thinner profile, e.g. the 25kg plate of 88mm thickness is reduced up to 80mm which means the number of plates that can be loaded on the bar is increased.


2) Improved Finish: The ATE Challenger Bumper Plates now comes with an improved finish which provides a perfect look and finish and is easy to clean.


3) Built to Drop: The ATE Challenger Rubber plates are built to absorb dropping force – even from over-head – so you can prioritise your safety while attempting for new personal record’s. The great design means you can drop them when necessary without worrying about injuring yourself / damaging your equipment. The plates are well constructed and durable, and they protect your platform, floors and barbells from damage.


4) Lower Bounce when dropping: Our bumper plates have a durometer hardness value of 90. It means that the plates bounce less when dropped and thus little force is transferred to the barbell resulting in low impact and damage to the brass insert in the plates. The low bounce also means more predictable barbell behaviour when dropped which allows you to workout safely in small spaces.


5) Raised side flanges: The raised side flanges are designed to keep the centre brass bush insert from coming into direct contact with the ground. The ATE Challenger plates only come into contact with each other on the outer flanges when loaded on the barbell or on the ATE plate stand which helps in reducing wear and tear and helping to protect the plate’s quality.


6) Warranty Information:The ATE Challenger Rubber plates are covered by a 12-month limited manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects. This warranty does not include wear and tear.

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Weight (kg)

10kg x 2, 15kg x 2, 20kg x 2, 25kg x 2, Set of 140kg, Set of 150kg


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