ATE Fuego Hammer

Every Fuego is perfectly balanced and hand made with a unique look (every Fuego looks different).

Its unique swivel gives this hammer a more stable and more aerodynamic flight, because the wind has less influence on the wire and the handle. We call this technology, The Hyper-Spin Swivel. The wire does not turn with the hammer during the flight.

ATE Hyper Spin Swivel

By optimal balancing of the mixture of lead and tungsten within the hammer as far as possible within the margins of the IAAF, it increases the centre of gravity from the thrower and that increases the distance that the hammer may travel.

The density of tungsten is higher than lead and therefore the maximum of core weight displacement can be reached. It will increase a flight with 2.5m for a 70m+ thrower. A perfect hammer for the elite throwers for longer throws.

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